Wilson Boots Calls Out Lewiston Tribune’s own hand in City Hall Elections Scandal

Tribune donates $1000 to campaign that is embroiled in illegal elections influence in City Hall. 

Printed in the Lewiston Tribune Oct. 26, 2021

I find it laughable that Trillhasse chooses to distract Lewiston voters with his attacks against Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin. Janice is a true defender of citizens that have been ignored and walked on by our current Idaho Governor, Senate and Attorney General. I have come to know, and fully support Janice over this past year and a half of “Covid control” that is destroying the individual Liberties of Idahoans, and so hurt our economy.

Why instead doesn’t Trillhasse tell of the corruption in Lewiston City Hall that has ties right back to the paper he works for—talk about an inconvenient truth! I suppose the Tribune’s $1000 donation to KEEPLewiston is the reason they are negligent in reporting any in-depth facts about an elections integrity scandal of the highest level—that they have funded. Looks like a serious conflict of interest for Nathan Alford, Tribune Editor and Publisher. If fully revealed, it might detract from the “transparency” and “unbiased news” mantra that keeps being spewed from the Tribune.

Sorry Nathan and Company, the citizens of the Lewiston are onto you. You’re doing the same thing to great people like McGeachin and Priscilla Giddings that you did to our terrific President Trump, he was right to call out the media for being “Fake News”—I concur. It is for that reason there is serious talk about starting a new truthful newspaper in Lewiston. People want the Truth, not the shaken-up, turned on its head version that keeps getting churned out by your daily—sorry, not daily, anymore. How many days will you have to cut your paper down to before you’ll wake up?

The Tribune’s lack of coverage of the elections tampering that is currently under investigation in City Hall right now is pathetic. Here are some details your readers may be interested in—

City clerk Kari Ravencroft was caught illegally producing campaign materials for the political opposition group KEEPLewiston. Indisputable evidence has been made public and she has admitted to violations. On top of that, we also have reports that supervisors in the city have been coercing the very employees that work for them to donate to the KEEPLewiston PAC (political action committee).

Here’s what we know about the players— There is Alan Nygaard, who has the most to lose in this election, since his nearly quarter of a million dollar a year job would be gone should Prop 1 get a “NO” vote.  Sitting councilor John Pernsteiner is the founder and chair of the opposition group KEEPLewiston that doesn’t want Lewiston to have a strong mayor, he is one of five sitting city councilors that have donated finances to KEEPLewiston that is at the heart of this corruption. Pernsteiner is also a vocal supporter of Nygaard.

We are told by Pernsteiner that this was an isolated event and neither he, nor Nygaard, or anyone else in leadership knew that the city’s election official Ravencroft was illegally producing campaign materials for him. In her rather weak attempt at a public apology, Ravencroft never denied that others knew what she was doing, only that she wasn’t asked to do it. This is an important distinction that needs thorough investigation.

I have to ask… does that even seem possible with what we do know? What did Nygaard know? What else is being covered up? This stinks to high heaven!

City clerk Ravencroft is executive assistant to Nygaard the city manager. She also has election duties under Idaho state code and is appointed by the city manager to be city clerk, creating a direct conflict of interest. She is responsible for knowing and upholding election law for the city of Lewiston. Of all the people in City Hall, Ravencroft knows what the law is and willingly violated it!

Is City Hall leadership rotten to the core? It appears the Ravencroft incident is likely just the tip of an underlying corrupt iceberg. Your tax dollars and resources are being used to fight the very proposition that the voters of Lewiston successfully petitioned to get on the ballot. This is election tampering being done by the very ones that are supposed to protect elections!

Nygaard, Ravencroft, and any city supervisor that pressured employees into donating to KEEPLewiston should be on leave and barred from communication with any city employees until an independent investigation is complete.

Pernsteiner has made the cornerstone of his opposition to having an elected strong mayor that it would be more susceptible to corruption. The irony of this is not lost on me nor the vast majority of Lewiston’s voters. I formally call on city councilor John Persteiner, to resign his seat immediately, since this current corruption has all tentacles leading back to his PAC KEEPLewiston and Nygaard’s office.

Wouldn’t it be nice for a change if the Tribune would pursue real corruption in Lewiston rather than Fake News in Boise?

Help me clean up the corruption that once again has been exposed in Lewiston’s current leadership. The best way to do that is to vote Wilson Boots for mayor and “NO” on Proposition 1. I will work for you Lewiston, not for a selfish group that continue to try to deceive the public.

Wilson Boots —bootsformayor.com

Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s press release on illegal actions in City Hall.

Over the last two weeks, the Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating allegations into City of Lewiston employees for using tax payer resources to support the “Keep Lewiston” campaign.
To date, the Prosecutor’s Office has spent over 35 hours conducting interviews and reviewing documents and emails. Through the course of the investigation it has been determined one City of Lewiston employee used their City of Lewiston computer to access personal email and print campaign documents on a City printer in excess of 550 documents. The same employee also allegedly campaigned for “Keep Lewiston” by attempting to solicit donations for the campaign from co-workers and a subordinate while the staff was on shift working. During the investigation it was also determined that a second City staff member used their work computer to download documents and create two handouts for the campaign. City of Lewiston and the employees involved have been completely cooperative throughout the entirety of the investigation.
The Prosecutor’s Office is in the process of citing these two employees for violation of Idaho Code Sections 74-604 and 74-606 of the “Public Integrity In Elections Act” which was passed in 2018.
“This statute is designed to guarantee that public resources are not used to influence outcomes at the ballot box.” Said Prosecutor Justin Coleman. “Enforcement of this statute and ensuring fair elections in Nez Perce County should be a priority for everyone.” He continued.
The Prosecutor’s Office thanks the City of Lewiston administration and the employees involved for cooperating quickly to provide the information requested. The investigation is ongoing.
A citation is merely an allegation and the individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Clerk Ravencroft Admits Guilt!