The TRUTH about Dan Johnson

Failing Senator Dan Johnson’s VOTES of SHAME— GET INFORMED!

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Voters have a right to expect certain values from those who call themselves Republicans!
You need to know the Truth about “F” RATED Republican State Senator Dan Johnson.
Idaho Freedom Foundation ratings link for Dan Johnson—

Dan Johnson voted NOT to protect our girls! He voted ‘NO’ on HB-500 year 2020. This bill was to keep biological males from competing against our biological girls. Only 3 other republicans voted against this in the Senate. Thankfully, it did pass and was signed into law, no thanks to traitor Dan! Bill excerpt, “…athletes participating in public school athletics are required to compete according to their biological sex at birth…”

Dan Johnson failed to protect our girls!
They WILL turn on you!
Dan Johnson voting with Dems against our girls!

Johnson hasn’t just made a few bad votes, he actually has a “F” LIFETIME rating from the American Conservative Union (the folks who put on CPAC) as well as a “F” rating from Idaho Freedom Foundation!

Please note that for “Strongest issues”, the ACU says Dan doesn’t have any! Strange for someone who has been in the Senate for 10 years, don’t you think?

What would you do if your child came home with F grades, year after year?

Why then do we accept it from our politicians? Enough!

Dan Johnson F Rating
"F" LIFETIME rating!

Link to ACU ratings –

Dan Johnson failed to protect the unborn − voted ‘NO’ on H-64 year 2019, a pro-life, anti-abortion bill. He was the ONLY Republican Senator to vote against this!  This bill improves the 2017 abortion data collection law to better inform mothers of health complications and outcomes of abortion…and improvements to the information provided to mothers.

Dan Johnson voted ‘NO’ on ID HB-377 year 2021 (Banning aspects of Critical Race Theory CRT). ACU doesn’t have this last session up yet. So this info is from IFF. Please read what I am writing next carefully, SENATOR DAN JOHNSON WAS THE ONLY REPUBLICAN IN THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE TO VOTE AGAINST BANNING ASPECTS CRT IN IDAHO SCHOOLS! Excerpt: “Just one Senate Republican, Sen. Dan Johnson, R-Lewiston, joined all seven Senate Democrats in opposing the bill; all other Senate Republicans voted in favor.” See link to story below.

Dan would have us believe that this bill did nothing to help curb CRT in schools. That is simply not the truthThis bill protected our kids from Leftist indoctrination. Once again, Dan Johnson failed our children.

“The Critical Race Theory law (H377), which prohibits public schools and universities from discrimination or compelling students to adopt or adhere to certain beliefs, is vital to our education process. In addition, funding for these types of programs has been disallowed.” See link to story below.

Idaho Freedom Foundation ratings link for Dan Johnson—

What is clear, Johnson fails the voters in the worst way— He fails our children!

Why doesn’t Dan Johnson just be honest about his politics, switch parties and become a Democrat? Probably because he would get voted out immediately! Get informed and don’t let a career politician with a failing grade get his hands on Lewiston! Vote “NO” on prop 1 and Wilson Boots for Mayor! Thank you.