Locked Out! When Bureaucrats Are In Charge

by Wilson Boots

Lewiston City Council refuses to hold City Manager & Attorney accountable—breaks law multiple times without repercussions—our leaders have failed us! 

This is an in-depth issue that is well worth the read to understand what is really happening behind the curtain at City Hall. Idaho, State Open Meeting Law guarantees that the public is able to be “physically present” and “close enough to hear” what is being said by officials that make laws/rules that affect us. I have been ruled correct on multiple Open Meeting Violations (OMV) that I have filed against the city in 2020 alone. 

Unfortunately, the Nez Perce County Prosecutor, Justin Coleman, has been derelict in his duties and has failed to fine the city councilors as allowed by Idaho State code. If he had done so, it would have amounted to thousands of dollars of fines to the elected council members personally! The purpose of such fines being that they would take OMV’s seriously and not repeat their crimes against the citizens.

Is this Justice?

Jana Gomez, the Lewiston lead city attorney has been totally incompetent in her advice on Open Meeting law to the council. In spite of that, the city council voted to give her a $10k raise, when they should have instead fired her. Have you ever worked for an employer that rewards repeated failure with a raise? I haven’t. On top of that she had the audacity to request three additional lawyers for the city (currently there are two). There would be no need for more attorneys if she and the city manager would spend their time working  for the people, instead of against them. As of this writing, it looks like the council may hire one more, which is still one too many.

Alan Nygaard, Lewiston City Manager

City Manager, Alan Nygaard has been totally out of control with citizens. He seems to want to block us from attending or even hearing what is happening at the council meetings. Mr. Nygaard eventually admitted during mediation that ‘…I placed my hands on Mr. Boots…’. He was trying to push me out of the doorway while I was waiting to speak during citizen comment period at the July 27, 2020 council meeting. All this took place due to the OMV being committed by the city at the direction of Nygaard and Gomez. Had the city manager not been trying to illegally shut the one-hundred plus citizens out of the meeting, there would not have been any conflicts. The battery was witnessed by the Lewiston Police, who were interviewed in the investigation. The prosecution planned to call a ranking LPD officer as a witness had there been a trial.

In his initial statement to the Lewiston Tribune, Nygaard said “…I brushed against Mr. Boots as I went through the doorway.  This is the incident Mr. Boots is calling battery.” This statement was a lie. Alan Nygaard later contradicted his public statement during mediation with Latah county prosecutors to avoid a court trial. See his new statement here that confirms the account given by Wilson Boots Official Nygaard Apology Letter

This was always a matter of principle for me. Had I placed my hands on any city official or councilor to push them, I would have been arrested immediately. So would any ‘regular citizen’, but not if you are above the law like Alan Nygaard. All I ever wanted was equal protection under the law

At one point I asked an investigating officer why the city manager had not been arrested that night for pushing a citizen? His response was chilling,’How would it look if they arrested their boss?’ My reply—‘Like justice!’ He went silent.

Wilson Boots
Wilson Boots

There was a detailed report given on the events of that night by ‘Grow Lewiston’ a public Facebook page. I am including that link here https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=380473523357477&id=115425129862319 The PDF document is here PDF Grow Lewiston Nygaard battery against Wilson Boots

The reason I am explaining the battery of a citizen in such detail, is because little is known by the public due to under reporting by the local media. Also, because it is directly linked to the OMV of that night. 

As part of the mediation agreement, a copy of his apology to Mr. Wilson Boots was forwarded to the entire city council. The question now becomes, what did the council do to hold their employee, Alan Nygaard, to account for his public lie to conceal a crime and his battery of a citizen of Lewiston? Not a damn thing!

The manager and the city attorney answer directly to the council. The City Council members continue to refuse to hold either of them accountable for their illegal actions.  And they wonder why the voters want a strong mayor instead of this current ineffectual council/manager form of government.

Click on the link to read the brief history portion contained in the formal complaint lodged with the Idaho State Attorney General Lawrence Wasden. In addition, there are links to the whole complaint and the referred to documents. Start with this document for the brief history. History of OMV from Wasden doc

Below is the link to the full complaint sent to Idaho AG Wasden (and by the way, he did nothing). The complaint was written and compiled by Joe Gish. I signed on to the complaint, as I was the one who filed the multiple OMV’s. This is not meant to be an exhaustive article, but should give the reader a good start to understanding the blatant disregard the Lewiston City Council has for the citizens. This is one of the many reasons we need a strong mayor form of government in Lewiston. As your mayor, I will make sure you are welcomed at city council meetings and not locked out! AG-ComplaintAgainstNezPerceAndLatahProsecutors

Wilson Boots will fight for you!