Common Sense has been absent from Lewiston city government…it’s time to put it back!

The true test of any government comes during times of crisis. Lewiston’s City Council, City Manager and City Attorney, have repeatedly failed to apply common sense solutions, most telling during this unprecedented COVID emergency, which facts do not support. The People deserve a whole lot better!

— Wilson Boots

What I will do...

I will Defend your God-Given Rights

  • Vigorously oppose policies and ordinances that infringe on Sacred Natural Rights, in part set forth in the U.S. Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and Idaho Constitution
  • Make Lewiston a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City
  • Oppose any mask mandates, vaccine passports, quarantining of the healthy, and business closures—these are your personal decisions
  • Employees are not slaves, no mask/vaccine requirements as a condition of employment, nor the public abused by private businesses that are subject to city licensing

I will bring Accountability and Transparency Back to City Hall

  • Actively engage with citizens at City Council meetings—you will get answers
  • Idaho Open Meeting Law will be strictly adhered to for the sake of the peoples’ right to know
  • Schedule Town Hall Meetings for in depth conversations between citizens and their mayor
  • Advisory Committees to the Mayor will be encouraged on vital local issues, such as: taxes, utility & permit fees, business recruitment & growth, and city ordinance review

I will make Lower Taxes and Jobs Creation a Priority

  • Stop wasteful spending with greater oversight on your tax dollars
  • Responsible infrastructure planning—not waiting until an “emergency” forces a new bond
  • Work with Nez Perce County towards fair and reasonable solutions on shared issues
  • Take the lead role in recruiting businesses to Lewiston—current methods have failed
  • Cut “red tape” for those bringing business or development to our city, not allowing city bureaucracy, building permits, and fees override common sense