Enough is enough!

I am running for Lewiston mayor for the simple reason I could no longer stand back and watch the ineptness of government right here in our own city.  We need to take back government, and nothing is more evident than the need to take back control of government locally.  The shutdown of businesses this past year where the Lewiston City Council and its bureaucrats gave little thought to the damage this would do to the livelihoods and employment needs of the community was the last straw. 

It is time for action!

This past year, if anything, has shown us the failure of local government representing the needs of the people, to hear them, and to respond in ways that matter.  We went down a road that was totally unnecessary because city leaders could not think for themselves, and summarily dismissed the idea of our rights and liberties as subordinate to theirs, applying the old adage of merely “going along to get along” instead of applying common sense.  They applied fear instead of reality to their decision-making.

Wilson Boots

I am a working man that has been blessed to have lived here for nearly 30 years.  What I loved about Lewiston then, is what I still love about Lewiston today, it is a ‘working town’ with manufacturing at its heart.  We produce, and I know what it is like to be on shift work, just wanting to come home after a long day, or night, and not worry about what rights I lost, and how much my taxes and fees increased, or what wrong-headed things city government is doing.  I like it here.  I choose to call Lewiston ‘home’ because I appreciate the simple lifestyle, and like many of you, I am also an avid hunter and fisherman.

I am married to Leah, a great wife and huge support for 26 years.  We have raised three children here, now have grandchildren, and all live close by.  I have worked for some of our area’s largest employers—Costco, Potlatch/Clearwater Paper, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories—and I have management experience.  I currently work at Washington State University where I help design and machine parts and equipment for cutting edge projects that include items for research in space, U.S. military, robotics, medical, professional sports, and advanced food and plant science.

— Wilson Boots